Mood Board

Furniture shows, such as Milan, Stockholm or Cologne definitely set the trends. Even though there have not been any drastic changes lately – we still feel a strong Scandinavian and mid-century vibe – there are some slight variations we have noticed.

Simply put, curves are in. Seats are getting rid of hard lines and we are loving the tactile trend. Whether it’s voluptuous sofas or sleek chairs, the furniture looks and feels super comfortable.

Frames followed the trend and got a makeover. There are a lot of metal and timber tubular frames hugging the seats, with more and more frames being on show. Designers are proving that a simple chair can become a centrepiece of the room, with a beautiful bentwood frame hugging the seat.

To underline the softness of the seating, velvet is having a major comeback. From a single colour to amazing patterns, on its own or mixed with leather, it is bringing elegance and decadence to the furniture.

Tables, however, contrast with the rounded seating and balances it out perfectly. There is still a lot of tubular metal and timber used, but stone tops are a hit. Marble tops work beautifully with brass and copper bases and the combination of the tables and chairs gives the interior a very ying yang, warm and cold feel.

How would we describe the current ‘what’s hot’ in the furniture world? One word, tactile. Seating draws you in, you want to sit on the comfy sofa, then you cool down touching the marble table and go back to the cosy feeling when touching the velvet upholstery. We’ve hand-picked some designs and created our little Pinterest Mood Board, have a look:




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