Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2018

We loved the feel of Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair. It’s the right size, not too big, not too small, ideal for a day visit, or, to be thorough, day and a half. It’s smaller than other shows, and we reckon about 80-90% of the exhibitors were from Scandinavia. We even found a couple of British companies, which warmed our hearts.

Scandinavians are the kings of design right now, they lead current trends. Compared to Italian designers, it felt that Italian design is referencing Scandinavia, with the embellishment of Italian style and flare.

Walking around the show was a breeze. The hall is fairly long and narrow, and you end up zig-zagging through space. As this fair focuses not just on furniture, we saw a number of gorgeous light displays and were fascinated how it was all mixed together, giving the show a unique feel.

The furniture itself was out of this world. We still saw a lot of tubular metal in beautiful finishes. It’s on tables, it’s on stools, it’s on chairs and it’s very prominent. Chairs are curvy, with very few edges and the steel and upholstery create a very harmonious look. We even discovered a few concrete pieces, which is, in our opinion, very underrated material.

After attending Cologne Furniture Fair we said that looks are important, but comfort is the key. The quality of products in Stockholm was top notch and we love the fact that manufacturers work this hard to up the quality year on year.



We found a few very impressive manufacturers. We saw a beautiful collection of outdoor furniture and what is interesting, the manufacturer uses locally sourced pine wood. It’s just a shame we live in a country with almost non-existent summer, we would love to see such pieces all over the UK. Our hearts started beating, when we saw designs that beautifully combined the simple tubular steel and the upholstery in a very intriguing way, you almost feel like the chair is just sitting on top of the frame.


Scandinavians take their furniture seriously. It was thought-provoking to visit the land of Ikea on the same week when it’s owner passed away. On one hand you have this global chain selling cheap, flat pack furniture and on the other hand all the beautiful, high-end designs, which feel like a celebration of everything Scandinavia has to offer.

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