Bone Daddies

What started as a small ramen bar in 2012, grew into nine restaurants in London and Furniture Fusion is happy to present two of the locations – Nova Victoria and St. James Park, Marylebone.


Bone Daddies


B3 Designers


Bespoke Bar Stool Teak Table Top Outdoor Table Base


Serving authentic Japanese food, Bone Daddies Restaurants are cosy, with fixed seating to maximize the compact space and even though each venue is different, they evoke the same feeling – warm atmosphere, a mix of metal and wood, industrial look, with a lot of Japanese elements.

The Marylebone location is split into two floors, with an open kitchen and cocktail bar at ground level and a basement restaurant section. Furniture Fusion supplied floor fixed bespoke seats, with vintage walnut seats and a raw metal frame. The seats enhance the industrial look, while perfectly match the atmosphere. Interesting bespoke milkcrate seats with wooden tops are located in the outdoor seating area and are a great pop of colour.

Visiting Bone Daddies in Nova Victoria, the rock’n’roll attitude and Japanese street feel continues. A mix of materials, textures and graphics underline the vibe and you will find the same floor fixed bespoke bar stool present. The unique touch of this restaurant lays in the fixed scaffolding seating, located throughout the dining area. Outdoors features our black folding and stacking table bases, fixed with teak table tops – a perfect combination for outdoor spaces.

The Bone Daddies restaurants are very open and airy, slatted dividers don’t interfere but still, give enough privacy. A lot of hanging Japanese décor, fast service and a signature food and feel make this chain a perfect place for your Ramen fix and we are working hard on the next venue, stay tuned.

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