Amba Hotel Grosvenor, London Victoria

The Amba Hotel Grosvenor is an absolutely divine space and place to stay. We are very proud to announce that we played a part in it all coming together. What a great honour it was to work on this truly classic project for this wonderfully historic railway hotel. We wanted the space to feel stylish, yet still comfortable, and gained inspiration from its beautiful architecture which emulates a Victorian opulence combined with modernistic touches.


Amba Hotel Grosvenor, London Victoria


Bedroom Furniture: Bespoke Desk Chair Bespoke Armchair Bespoke Coffee Table Bespoke Breakfast Table Bespoke Luggage Bench . Lobby Furniture: Bespoke Lounge Chair Bespoke Side Table Bespoke Sofa Bespoke Two-seater Sofa Bespoke Coffee Table


We had the pleasure of supplying the hotel with furniture for the bedrooms, as well as, lobby. We helped furnish the hotel with all uniquely designed, bespoke pieces inspired by the Victorian theme of the space. For the rooms, we supplied a desk chair, an armchair, a breakfast table, a central coffee table and a stylish luggage bench for convenience. The desk chair is our highlight product for the rooms, as it brings a pop of colour with its green and patterned fabric split.

For the lobby, we provided a lounge chair, two different sofas and two side/coffee tables. The fabrics specified emulate a feeling of luxury and were chosen to be in bold, yet sophisticated colours. These fabrics, coupled with, the marble tabletops create a lovely contrast and compliments the entire environment. We strived to give the space a warm and welcoming atmosphere that also exuberates pure class. It was an absolute vision working on this breath-taking project!

We were also involved in the refurbishment of one of their boardrooms; The Scotsman:

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