We are Furniture fusion

The formation of Furniture Fusion came from a desire to sell contemporary products to a wide selection of premises. The year was 2000 and the feeling amongst us was that hoteliers and restauranteurs were seemingly upping their game in terms of the aesthetics. No more multicoloured carpet in various hues of red and burgundy, coupled with a yellow wallpaper with a mix and match of furniture that was just about functionality but with no design detail.

Our furniture inspires us and fuels our passion for making the UK a better place to sit around.

A good place to start

At the time we were making regular trips to Italy and making some inroads into the manufacturing hub of the chair capital of the world. Of course, one can never predict catastrophic world events, unless of course you are responsible for them, but overnight the world changed and more importantly most projects were immediately put on hold. After our first week of trading, we felt this was going to be tough going. Perhaps that mentality has been prevalent throughout and as a result, we feel we want to strive to do things better than our competitors, to present our ranges in a clearer way, to constantly look for more contemporary and cutting-edge designs. The idea of sitting on one’s laurels has just never occurred to us. We found a common interest in art, music, design and furniture that we hope explains the Fusion part of our name.

At Furniture Fusion we have absorbed the language of the designers that we surround ourselves with. We have our own principles and sensibilities that ultimately enable us to produce pieces in our own way, plus the delivering and managing of our orders is a creative process itself and one we are fiercely proud of.


We understand the creative process of trying to produce something worthwhile. The sweat and toil are necessary to ensure we exhibit a piece that reflects the original idea of being creatively different without reinventing the wheel. To provide a functional use, to be able to demonstrate good value for money and to be comfortable and fit for purpose. Of course, we do not always get it right the first time, but did John Lennon ever nail his vocals the first time? Inspiration is an interesting concept and one that we started to think about in more depth not long after listening and reading the transcript of Bob Dylan’s Nobel lecture in recognition of his award for literature. From very early on we are told how it all started for Dylan with Buddy Holly and how Dylan thought he resembled the musician. Dylan wanted to initially sound like Holly as he was playing the music Dylan loved.  Not only that but he loved the fact Holly wrote his own songs and recognised he was everything Dylan wasn’t at that moment in time. We all see art every day and how that art is defined is purely down to the individual viewing it, whether it be a painting, a poem, a piece of furniture, a song or simply a sketch. The fact is we are surrounded by these creative forces and being aware of these helps us appreciate what is around us. Hence our approach to a new piece we might be working on would come from various threads of inspiration. One of us might have seen a particular shape within an architectural context that would work on an upholstered piece. Someone else might see a particular stitch on a piece of fashion or the way two colours have been combined.

The fact is, we are submerged into what is around us just like Dylan, who had the vernacular down with various artists, he knew the rhetoric, everything he listened to was absorbed, nothing went over his head. When Dylan started writing songs he knew the language these artists wrote in, it was all he knew.

We understand the creative process in trying to produce something worthwhile.
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