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Fluxo Table Base

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Selected by Furniture Fusion


Width: 108cm / 73cm / 50cm Height: 70cmØ / 60cmØ Depth: 66cmØ

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Suitable for Indoor use only

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Fluxo Table Base uses primary geometric shapes, starting from the section of its stem-like base, to generate a form with clean and minimalist lines. The dynamic concept of flow, to which the table owes its name, gives rise to a linear, simple shape with meticulous detailing. Moreover, the circular column stretches down, spreading out into "ribbons" that form the base of the table. These ribbons, which have a convex surface, gradually flatten out towards the outer edge, maintaining a continuous curve. In addition, its made from die-cast aluminium, Fluxo has a stable structure and a distinctive personality, with a subtle and elegant design. Fluxo comes in three heights and can be finished in various colours.

Suitable for Outdoors use.

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