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Palmo Armchair

from £399*

Choose your preferred base.


Width: 61.5cm Depth: 54.5cm

Fabric / Leather Consumption

0.75m / 1.35m

Lead time

6-8 weeks Delivery information

Suitable for Indoor use only

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Delivery information

Call +44 (0)1923 251 923 to ask about this product

The Palmo Armchair can be made with a variety of bases, some of which are available in either a Beech or metal frame. Each base also has the option of a fully upholstered back, or a wooden back with upholstered pad. Any upholstered chosen can be done in your preferred fabric, leather, or faux leather to suit. It is the perfect addition to a restaurant, hotel room, or office space - depending on which base is chosen.