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Hilton Cardiff

A showcase of our bespoke capabilities in these stunning executive suites.

22. 11. 23

We’re proud to present the results of our collaboration with the recently renovated Hilton Cardiff hotel, a stone’s throw from the magnificent Cardiff castle. Our 18-month project included the hotel’s luxurious executive suites and gave us the opportunity to showcase our bespoke capabilities.

The hotel’s impressive presidential suite features our bespoke curved sofa, upholstered in a grey lush printed velvet. The bespoke Easy Lounge Chair in olive is the perfect accompaniment ­- all set around our light, elegant Oval Coffee Table.

With a privileged view of Cardiff city centre, our Grace Armchair, with harmoniously curved wooden arms and gold details, sits neatly under a sleek desk.

In the (ever so slightly) smaller suites, we have created a welcoming yet spacious lounge space using our Dora Lounge Chair, bespoke sofa bed & round low stool. These are all upholstered in muted, earthy tones that bring a warmth to the space and tie in perfectly with the abstract print of the carpet.

Some of the bedrooms also include a dining area that feature both our Olive Armchair and Lombardy Dining Table, creating a luxurious feel. The armchair has a dark wooden frame, complemented perfectly by the warm yellow tone of the fabric. Sitting central to these is a glossy, chamfered-edge marble tabletop, which contrasts beautifully with the chunky gunmetal base.