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Waste made wonderful: sustainability meets smart design

22. 09. 23

We're driven by creativity, design and innovation, so when a product brings together all three and is sustainable too, it's worth a closer look. Agri-Panel is an eco-friendly panel product made from waste materials, which can be used in place of MDF and plywood, avoiding the deforestation caused by traditional wood-based panels and therefore with considerably lower CO₂ emissions.

Produced using highly-compressed waste straw left from the harvest of crops including wheat, rice, sugar cane & coconuts, the panels can be painted, stained and overlaid with veneers or laminates, and used to create furniture or for joinery projects.

It's an impressive story from an environmental perspective - not a single tree is cut down to make Agri-Panel, and if the harvest waste was not used in this way, it would either be incinerated (releasing harmful CO₂), or left to rot (causing high levels of methane). This is in sharp contrast to traditional wood-based products which require significant deforestation and cause carbon emissions in the production process.

From a design and usability point of view, Agri-Panel also has clear advantages over MDF and plywood - the premium panels have a higher density and are therefore more fire retardant. They're also moisture resistant, have a higher breaking load and are available in a range of thicknesses. It's an easily workable product that can be glued, screwed or CNC routed, allowing us to create some really special furniture for hospitality and commercial design projects.

As the UK's leading contract furniture supplier, we're excited by the potential to use Agri-Panel to create furniture that combines grand design with great functionality. We work with operators and designers to bring something special to their hotels, restaurants and bars. and expect to be installing new side tables, coffee tables, desks, office furniture, sideboards and other bespoke furniture made using this innovative, eco-friendly product in the months and years to come.

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