The Roxy

After years of parties, the popular West End club The Roxy needed a fresh new look, with the view of getting the crowd into the venue in the afternoon. When the client came to us, they had a good idea of the final look and the team at Furniture Fusion had a short turnaround time to deliver the project.


The Roxy


Bespoke Modular Sofa Bespoke Pouf Ola Bar Stool Lunar Table Accursio Table Haddoc Lounge Chair


The nightclub is based just off the Oxford street and being in the basement, the venue doesn’t get much natural light. With the idea of making space look brighter and welcoming, The Roxy invested in an amazing light system, that, especially in the evening hours, gives a natural, daylight feel.

To match the desired look, we were tasked with creating a bespoke seating that could be easily moved around, transforming The Roxy from a restaurant into a nightclub just by removing it. We suggested a linkable system, that would be light enough for the move, yet sturdy enough to withstand the daily manoeuvring. The final product is a beautiful, soft curved sofa style seating in a blue upholstery, that fits the purpose perfectly.

A lot of attention to detail has been placed on the overall design and feel and we delivered bespoke blue poufs to match. A subtle flower shape of the top ties perfectly with the new, softer look of the venue and the faux leather will ensure a long use.

Our staple Ola high stools have a black frame, with blue faux leather upholstery. The stools are dotted around the venue and are the perfect solution for a busy bar, thanks to the Italian craftsmanship that went into their making.

The Haddoc lounge chair has a modern design that is perfect for The Roxy, with the mix of exposed round metal frame and softly curved upholstery.

We supplied three types of tables, to match the needed use. Lunar high tables go perfectly with the Ola stools, while the Lunar low tables are ideal with the modular seating. The compact table tops and the light base make Lunar tables excellent for the manoeuvring. Accursio tables come in various heights and sizes and, in this instance, we went with a round top version in black. Their slim tubular base is very on trend right now and ensures the tables will withstand the party atmosphere.

The exposed brick walls and Victorian tiles give The Roxy great character and we love the new look. Challenged with the fast delivery for their grand reopening, we are super pleased with the final look and feel of the club.

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