Sustainable materials

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To the attention of all our clients and suppliers.

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Sustainability & CSR

“Goodness is the only investment that never fails.” A quote by Henry David Thoreau.

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We first saw Ecopixel products at the Milan Design Week and were intrigued by the idea of recycling thermoplastic waste material. It melts at its minimum temperature 120 degrees Celsius to create the least ecological impact possible. This way, the plastic can be melted and re-melted an infinite number of times, resulting in a forever circular material. […]

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Even though the material was developed back in the 40’s, it only recently started making its way into the commercial world. It wasn’t until the skateboarding industry discovered that Richlite made perfect ramps because the material didn’t wear and was resistant to water, that the commercial world started to take notice. Now, you can find […]

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